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When potent flowers no longer seduce,
the cat has just one life,
Writer and the chopping block
head-to-head; defeat.
Magnified objects in frozen time
drops the jaw too slow,
words come a second too late,
awkward space ensue.

Crowds take talent to remain unseen,
mind and soul detached,
painter and his model–nude–
nothing else but paint,
one duty, one cause for attention,
emotions: distractions,
the trash lady and her uniform,
hand them to her.

Weight of the world is an understatement
add a century a dreams burnt,
Biblical stories of revival and rebirth,
remain grouped letters.
I rest my case deep in sleep
buried painfully,
that poor bird and its broken wing
doubtful hope in death.

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hall graphic

I like my quiet corridors:
lonely walls in shades of gray
lined with closed doors,
carpet lit in streaks of day.

Here my secrets sleep,
undisturbed by curious eyes,
Here my words may weep,
and end in unquestioned sighs.

Footsteps come and go,
I listen lying on the floor
Memories so long ago
drift in and out like before.

I whisper into the air,
My name rolls off my tongue,
takes two for an affair,
Alone my soul is young.

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dream graphic

Dried up straps of dreams
Wither again and gone,
Dozens replaced, hundreds escaped
ever a weary pawn.

Sentimental value fades
When comes the aging mind
Tasks ahead before those behind
Fantasies realigned.

Loaded thoughts of wavering doubts
Etches of worrisome words,
Savory bits of sweet night dreams
They’re all but blurred and absurd.

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Limitations from one day to next
today I stay in bed

Cares for hunger gone
sweetest sun shining through the blinds

I kissed my pillow hugged myself
told Today to be tomorrow

one day perished to unwilling nerves
another tick drunk on heavy air.

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road graphic

I always took the highway
never a second thought to Love,
Time never considered confusion a reason,
the world never yields.

Don’t bother me with flying red capes,
I have no interest in vexing bulls,
already they charge as if tomorrow
they will die alone.

I press the seeds to sleep,
water, light, what else to give?
cause I will not give my kiss,
grow it may or cease.

Your way gives me arrhythmia,
Doctor’s orders are clear:
depart or I will perish,
one of us must go.

There is a line in my life,
with many points of interest,
foolish Love, to think you’re one of them
has me howling with glee.

Scoot! sit, good boy, now stay,
I’ll tell you a secret even birds don’t know,
the highway never lasted for long, when
every morning it was kissed by the sun.

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Sleepless day and night
The sky offers no comfort,
Weary traveler.

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The Night Before (39)

travel graphic

Olay, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Cover girl
Bag it up    Pack it up
Toss it in the big red box,
Wait a minute…
Is it sealed?     Must it be?
It says right here.
Must be sealed.

List two down, what is next?
More shoes? More books?
More of everything;
Scraps of humanity
An entire life,

Why is the wind awake?
Can’t it see it’s night?
Must the Thunder also
My own bags darken
to the sound of   Time,
No more, I say,
I cease,
I fall.

Five, four, three, two…
Two should work,
One’s too late,
Set alarm      turn it up high,
No “snooze you lose ”
Lights off,
Good night.

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