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The dreamworld creeps upon me,
Morning light has no sway
Bound by the lure of freedom
My deepest desires betray.
Logic exposed, quickly walks astray
Trees of gems need no guide,
Shift in weight, enchants the soul
Held captive by uninterrupted pride.

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If by the end an insatiable thirst drives the mind insane
What is left to pursue but dreams of youth, of times far behind.
They say we slumber in death but I say not; we wake in death–
Mirror of our souls.
With fists we pound against truths we have hidden,
this mirror is ours to keep,
For in the shadows of our deepest desires and fears
Death comes bearing ambitious gifts
knowing well we possess neither strength or hope to march another mile.
It is a taunt, the worse of sorts, to believe again in young feats
only to look down and be reminded of sagging skin.
And with the sound of heavy heaves the world grows dark,
and among the desperate sighs remain
a half-written play performed half-decently.

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Cayenne-filled air
First come despair
Painfully parched hairs
Earned pride is rare.

Stagnant seed or rotten bud
Red blood or blue blood,
Perfected glory rides thin ice
With true pride comes a price.

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dream graphic

Dried up straps of dreams
Wither again and gone,
Dozens replaced, hundreds escaped
ever a weary pawn.

Sentimental value fades
When comes the aging mind
Tasks ahead before those behind
Fantasies realigned.

Loaded thoughts of wavering doubts
Etches of worrisome words,
Savory bits of sweet night dreams
They’re all but blurred and absurd.

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We age too early
Grow too bitter
Live too briefly
Wish too deeply

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