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Mint hot chocolate
Topped with heavenly snow froth,
Light kisses at night

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Hot dipped holidays
Smokiness of fresh fire,
Fumes of chocolate

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I belong to no one.
Attached to no one.
I may be a daughter
born from both a mortal womb
and nature’s eternal nest, but
those strings have snapped
I feel detached,
a single breathing object–
if these shallow heaves are breaths–
in a world of sticky tangles,
where sympathy is a modern sham.

I witness much, perhaps too much,
For now I care less and less,
My heart has turned inward upon itself,
Feeds from slow and steady blood.
Nothing external is edible,
I’ve chewed upon the pains of others before,
only to regurgitate their hidden claims
my conscience will have none their strings.

I’ve dissociated. Disappeared.
Into a state of emotionless,
Reality just a web of perceptions
I refuse to play my part.

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Sometimes I think of death as art,
like black ink curling up white walls,
beautiful strokes of wild passion,
delicate tears forming black waterfalls.

Perhaps it is because I’m in a room
Four walls–plain, completely white–
What little stimulation for creativity
to place Death in the lonely spotlight.

What else can it do but paint art,
Everything is dead here already,
Nothing to taunt or inject with misery
No, there’s enough of that in me.

My mind plays tricks on the bareness,
or is it the other way around?
Either way death is just an artist now,
Skating across walls without a sound.

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