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the flower that blooms
and the flower that wilts
same culprit judges both.

From here the rays darken my skin
from there I’m red as Hell

we eat ourselves by not eating
his stomach swelled as he starved,
by what science can it be explained
we endanger ourselves

dressed in wool one smart brain,
her IQ far beyond the stars,
who could shoot her down?
only her,
and indeed I saw a falling star

Growth never accompanied without a few steps back

So said one drunk on norms,
through youthful wisdom on alcohol stench,
empty pockets came too late,
swimming in his own urine.

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road graphic

I always took the highway
never a second thought to Love,
Time never considered confusion a reason,
the world never yields.

Don’t bother me with flying red capes,
I have no interest in vexing bulls,
already they charge as if tomorrow
they will die alone.

I press the seeds to sleep,
water, light, what else to give?
cause I will not give my kiss,
grow it may or cease.

Your way gives me arrhythmia,
Doctor’s orders are clear:
depart or I will perish,
one of us must go.

There is a line in my life,
with many points of interest,
foolish Love, to think you’re one of them
has me howling with glee.

Scoot! sit, good boy, now stay,
I’ll tell you a secret even birds don’t know,
the highway never lasted for long, when
every morning it was kissed by the sun.

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Five -year event,
Hundred years per country,
Five-hour wait,
Half-a-million people.
crazy they say,
what is there to see?
I admit before now,
I’ve never heard of Expo.
again I admit, I’d never wait that long.

they see an opportunity
life-time experience,
take the heat
and the sweat,
torture for uniqueness.

few objects
per country,
a movie or so if lucky,
Everyone wants the best,
I go for
wheelchair access:
yes–head in
past sunburnt faces
impatient sighs,
no–Fine then´╝î
turn my back and
seek another.

Cultural showcase
around the world,
USA Pavillion
spews opposite tastes,
a hundred or so
hello hello
political gesture–
we’re all in this together

If I was the designer,
red carpet lined with wax statues:
pop stars, athletes, artists,
speakers that shook the world.
Movie and music industry–
country of Spielberg,
the spirit that led us–
that led me forward,
broke walls,
brought mountains down
to the level
of my eyes.

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A red sun rises,
Drops of blood on flower leaves,
Blooms a crimson bulb

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Every Bump in the Road (40)

road graphic

we change like seasons,
Full throttle

Some say
A murderer
will always
that people

That we
because such
is our nature,
always wavering
like the seasons
we see
so often.

my flowers
are in full bloom,
yet they
no matter the times
my hands held them
they tilt towards
the sun.

Promises made,
made again.
an endless pattern,
another cycle,
wishful thinking
at very

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