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I like my quiet corridors:
lonely walls in shades of gray
lined with closed doors,
carpet lit in streaks of day.

Here my secrets sleep,
undisturbed by curious eyes,
Here my words may weep,
and end in unquestioned sighs.

Footsteps come and go,
I listen lying on the floor
Memories so long ago
drift in and out like before.

I whisper into the air,
My name rolls off my tongue,
takes two for an affair,
Alone my soul is young.

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In rapture the greatest doubts appear,
When guards are too drunk to care.
Slither on through unlocked doors
Caution sleeping on the floor.

Intoxicated by the joy of laughter,
the jokers dozed unheard,
Walls began to shake and tremble,
Behind what seemed so stable.

A smile here is another frown there,
Happiness only a quick affair,
The greatest joys breathes behind a facade
where All the greatest doubts are made.

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