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Play the Game (33)

chess graphic

Two can play the game,
But can two
Share a space?
The sky is large
yet small,
Crowded by dozens
of stars.
Does the moon ever
Envy the fame
that lights all
five-pointed tips?
Does she ever grow weary,
Tired, annoyed,
of sharing her
Eternal stage?
Do we ever wish
our breaths
could be the only
that breathes–
that harnesses–

Two hearts across
a battlefield
can play a game
till Checkmate,
But when one
Won over,
Will the other
Or let hang the lonely
Watch it
slowly fade?
And if both are won,
Their spaces shared,
How long before
the other’s breath
becomes an endless

Play the game,
You have your piece,
But be warned,
The end will come,
Share or part,
There always leaves
A little hole
Inside your

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freed graphic

Come Forth!
Why so     reserved?
Time shows no
It ticks and tocks

Well don’t stand there
Never seen me before?
I’ve always been
Whispers at night
Dreams of unrest,
Coos of something    missing
from your

They say, “beware!”
“No going back!”
I beg to
differ, if I may.
Only cowards hide
behind barred doors,
Never knowing what is
or better,
A waste of countless

Move Forward! I say,
not blindly of course,
You must see
to learn,
to cherish,
Or only the worse
will come
If you cannot
Do not
understand the scale that
inevitably weighs

Be Brave,
Many have passed:
Went beyond their bubble
Into marked-off
And yet    still
In the end they found
by their own faith,
the true path

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Death is But a Blink of an Eye(31)

death graphic

Death is but a blink of an eye–
a corner deep inside the mind
Taken by batches of foul fungi,
Poison blind the sight behind.

No noise accompany its steps,
no shadow warns a passerby,
Tiny graze sets off many traps
It does not allow for last good byes.

You turn your head; and what you see
a figure sleeping on the ground,
It has your face–your eyes in plea
Hellhounds hear    Heaven drowned.

It has your neck once slim and fair,
Bloody scrapes run down in lines,
What pity,     what a waste of air,
Must death bring such cold deadlines?

Who knew, from the smiles and laughs
A bomb ticked away nerve by nerve,
and I must argue on our behalf,
In regard to clues, not one did we observe!

How could we know death stalked his shoes?
that every breath drew a sad, sad tale?
The sun was bright    The signs were few
We could not have know his mind would fail.

Perhaps that is the element of death,
That forms our fears and haunts our nights,
the thought of a clock counting every breath,
Knowing it’s one we cannot fight.

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I Have Left (30)

I have left    they’ll never take me back
I have broken their shackles
They’ll never chain me back.

Pass the building     a giant cage
Red and yellow walls of hate,
To you I say adieu      good bye
To the past I say
“I have left.”

Mindless slaves still wander about
I stand by with a chuckle or two–
Big bad wolf can’t touch me now,
I am free, your clutches      Fail

I have left and you can’t take me back
Our eyes meet,      you falter instead–
I stand outside your gilded lines,
Draw a path to freedom’s beat.

You have your slaves in your halls
Driven like dumbfounded cows,
But few lights shine a path away–
to me I show them how to leave.

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bluheart graphic

The heart is a fragile matter
Two parts forged together
By way of greatest mystery
That is of greatest folly.

There is no book of rules
Taught at young in schools,
No wise men pointing here or there
With signs declaring great despair.

One false turn,     glass will shatter
Seams that held will once again falter
Till both parts grow with jagged edges
Bountiful swears of murderous pledges.

The heart is a delicate matter,
One prick     One Pop     a little deader
and no magical prop can sew
The long jagged crevice of woe.

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Deadly Faith (28)

Innocent painted wings
Shelters a little heart.
Sweet sound of youth,
From this Faith departs.
Crash goes the halos,
White shredded gown,
Doors are opened now–
Light and beauty drown.

From the depth of truth
Sleeps forgotten woe.
Fire and ice breaks hope
Maturity with youth.
Faith once stern and bold
Held the Holy One,
Sip of pain and sorrow,
Disillusionment is done.

Where is my allegiance?
Blackened by sheer doubt,
My faith stranded in fear
Left without a route.

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Second to None (27)


Hands frozen to a frosted window
Like wet tongue hanging from a pole-
Dressed in white like bride-to-be
A broken pedestal.

“Black smoke sailed from the East
Like flies set loose from Hell”

The sun darkened; my eyes larger
Apollo fell from the sky-
In a crash that set the grass ablaze
And birds burnt crisp to core.

The flies gobbled them up one by one
then charged at my limp face,
Leaving a smudge upon the frosted glass–
A forever haunted stain.

“The window broke from their force
Her dress faded from white to black”

All hopes and dreams from long ago
Spilled forth like rotten milk
And all the gold and shining jewels
Ripped to pieces, rusted green.

Just as
…I am second to none…

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browslep graphic

In rapture the greatest doubts appear,
When guards are too drunk to care.
Slither on through unlocked doors
Caution sleeping on the floor.

Intoxicated by the joy of laughter,
the jokers dozed unheard,
Walls began to shake and tremble,
Behind what seemed so stable.

A smile here is another frown there,
Happiness only a quick affair,
The greatest joys breathes behind a facade
where All the greatest doubts are made.

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Bitter Apples (25)

Apple graphic

The path is lost by the door that opened,
All the little green monsters inside–
How shall we proceed, dear poets
when we have no suffering–
no muse.
What sappy tears or love-struck deaths
or cell-bound women is left for you
to pick.
No apples grow for joyful poets,
They must be rotten, kissed by
But do we choose to leave behind us
A trail of tragic tales. Or shall we leave

And let the living live unheard?

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Drink up lads–
Vodka on the ice,
Sooth those untidy hearts tonight.
Forget the girls,
Long-legged beasts,
Rusty keys of selfish deeds.
Forget your boss
Whose own temperament
Are the cause of your distress.
Forget all life,
It’s hammer dents
Every emotion forever dead.
So drink up,
There is no better time,
Waste precious moments
On drops of processed gold.

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