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Windows against a black canvas,
Like blue stars–
Upon a sea of air.

Twinkles lamps with flourescent bulbs,
Light of night,
Against all odds,
Breaks the torpid sky.

Silver metal upon new-made tracks,
Like birds, glide
Race with wind,
Driven by every unseen goals.

When did the feared become the prey
When night, forsaken,
won counterfeit light…

The Moon is past it’s due

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candle graphic

what is burnt.
what is    lit,
what you’ve dreamt,
what you     fear

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Today’s rain
is gray,
tomorrow’s may be black,
Will I ever fade,
to a guiltless white?

Will I rain
past crusades,
forsake tomorrow’s promised quests?
Will time’s frigid hand
Ever set me free?

Small bubble
around a meager life,
Is the heart such a flimsy thing?
Must it always rain
Inside my pitless soul?

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A red sun rises,
Drops of blood on flower leaves,
Blooms a crimson bulb

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Smokey icing topped with mist
thicker than the thickest fog,
In the sky a giant cyst
Against the world another clog.

The trees are full, stuffed by air,
Fattened by our dying breaths.
The water russet with despair,
Underwater waves of death.

Clap of thunder shakes the leaves,
We sleep unshaken by its screams
Cannot hear the creatures grieve,
Cannot mend the broken seams.

We breathe the icing topped with mist,
Slowly freeze our lungs to ice,
Our ears resist, we let it persist
In the end we’ll pay the price.

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blackh graphic

I resign,
my bags are empty
my paper blank.
I relinquish,
my power gone,
crumbled throne,
Is this–
Am I–
What you want?

Has my failure,
my defeat,
become your bust,
your false hope?
This misadventure
wayward mess,
I accept your dismiss,
suffer disgrace,
Is this–
Am I–
All you believed?

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Brief Side Note

I apologize for not posting any poems recently. I was unable to access this site from where I’m at.

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Every Bump in the Road (40)

road graphic

we change like seasons,
Full throttle

Some say
A murderer
will always
that people

That we
because such
is our nature,
always wavering
like the seasons
we see
so often.

my flowers
are in full bloom,
yet they
no matter the times
my hands held them
they tilt towards
the sun.

Promises made,
made again.
an endless pattern,
another cycle,
wishful thinking
at very

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The Night Before (39)

travel graphic

Olay, Mary Kay, Maybelline, Cover girl
Bag it up    Pack it up
Toss it in the big red box,
Wait a minute…
Is it sealed?     Must it be?
It says right here.
Must be sealed.

List two down, what is next?
More shoes? More books?
More of everything;
Scraps of humanity
An entire life,

Why is the wind awake?
Can’t it see it’s night?
Must the Thunder also
My own bags darken
to the sound of   Time,
No more, I say,
I cease,
I fall.

Five, four, three, two…
Two should work,
One’s too late,
Set alarm      turn it up high,
No “snooze you lose ”
Lights off,
Good night.

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Faust graphic

*Imagined dialogue written for class


Dear Faust, my servant and my child,
What have you here, written in blood?
Mephisto came to me earlier and smiled,
Knew human desires are like a flood,
Uncontrollable when once released,
as morality continue to quickly decrease.


What do you will from me, great light?
Darkness burns me like fire these days;
How can Hell compare to Earth’s forever blight?
My soul is mine to fall or raise.


In your head, there lies a thinking brain.
In your heart, little drummer boy plays.
And here, beneath my hand contain
Breath and spirit, worthy of praise.
Can you not feel it–the movement–
Of very muscle waking in the morn,
Walking on stones without ailment.
To you, have your wife and pupils sworn
like fixed stars guiding wayward sailors
Across a tempting sea of sirens,
What other pleasure do you prefer
Then the lovely hearts you’ve already won?


Nothingness is the word I suffer,
No love or passion fills this bowl,
Nothing of the past is as they were.
I have become a hermit troll
Bustling around my stack of books,
In search for more, but finding less
than that of beggarly crooks–
I am in great distress.


Do you seek wealth of fame?
Or something of less humanly claim?


Yes! The second sings to my heart
And cause my mouth to grin.
Magic, sir, sweeter than any art
Inflames my passions from deep within.
I have hit a wall, yet found Mephisto,
A rope that will bear me along,
And allow my roots to once again grow
to the–dark–sun where I belong.
Knowledge is a fruit that I must taste,
Like Eve, my pale lips must embrace.


And when another wall appears
after the first tree bears its fruit,
Will you sicken to its cheer
And seek another to pursue?
If there is none left to harvest
What spirit shall you charm next?
What needless price will you insist?
Are you not just a simple subject?
Learn to love and learn for peace,
Here is where my words shall cease.

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