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Limitations from one day to next
today I stay in bed

Cares for hunger gone
sweetest sun shining through the blinds

I kissed my pillow hugged myself
told Today to be tomorrow

one day perished to unwilling nerves
another tick drunk on heavy air.

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When is now?

Tap the watch
it won’t go faster
Dreams are
in the making.
Switch disposition–
still the same,
the edge gets closer,
will you jump
by the end?

Dead ambitions
are frozen dreams,
incarcerated bits
in little jars,
for all the ones
still standing tall,
fear to fail
frozen Hell.

Step out
grass needs mowing
birds need feeding
and the trees–
they need you breathing.
Will you heed
paralyzed by unmarked weight?
Die a tiny creature
loud insignificant babbles of
“ifs” and “buts”

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