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With harvest moon comes bloated joy
Contentment on its highest peak,
My basket full of ripened dreams
Of desires picked and trees stripped bare.

When come the full moon night,
barren trees and worn out dreams
The basket lighter than the wind,
Empty but filled with anxious want.

With new seeds contentment dies
burns a hole in wooden weave,
Weight of unheeded prayers
Leaves behind a desperate stench.

Forgotten are the good and fulfilled,
I launch onto another road,
In shoes made from leftover gold,
Winter gone and Spring arrives.

With grass moon comes bloated joy
Contentment on its highest peak,
My basket full of ripened dreams
Of desires picked and trees stripped bare.

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If by the end an insatiable thirst drives the mind insane
What is left to pursue but dreams of youth, of times far behind.
They say we slumber in death but I say not; we wake in death–
Mirror of our souls.
With fists we pound against truths we have hidden,
this mirror is ours to keep,
For in the shadows of our deepest desires and fears
Death comes bearing ambitious gifts
knowing well we possess neither strength or hope to march another mile.
It is a taunt, the worse of sorts, to believe again in young feats
only to look down and be reminded of sagging skin.
And with the sound of heavy heaves the world grows dark,
and among the desperate sighs remain
a half-written play performed half-decently.

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dream graphic

Dried up straps of dreams
Wither again and gone,
Dozens replaced, hundreds escaped
ever a weary pawn.

Sentimental value fades
When comes the aging mind
Tasks ahead before those behind
Fantasies realigned.

Loaded thoughts of wavering doubts
Etches of worrisome words,
Savory bits of sweet night dreams
They’re all but blurred and absurd.

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Void of any humanity
dark, forlorn,
Stiffened by rejections,
tangled locks of golden youth
weaved in and out
of hands of broken souls.

If only lit
one fire for the masses
What greatness we would have!
eyes glimmering with childhood fancies
Sweet and even sweeter dreams
cure a shattered tattered
blinded world

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When is now?

Tap the watch
it won’t go faster
Dreams are
in the making.
Switch disposition–
still the same,
the edge gets closer,
will you jump
by the end?

Dead ambitions
are frozen dreams,
incarcerated bits
in little jars,
for all the ones
still standing tall,
fear to fail
frozen Hell.

Step out
grass needs mowing
birds need feeding
and the trees–
they need you breathing.
Will you heed
paralyzed by unmarked weight?
Die a tiny creature
loud insignificant babbles of
“ifs” and “buts”

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There are always those more qualified;
Joe next door
never licked a single shoe
unopened polish–
sold to you.

Life, always full of failed attempts,
remember Jill,
she ain’t alive like this–
unsealed butter
hardened by air.

Can’t even breath what isn’t yours,
leftover coins,
gobbled up like petty thieves,
what’s your alibi?
Fatal lapse.

The finish line beyond 20/20 sight,
squinty little eyes,
What do you see–can you see?
black cauldron burning,
bloody hell.

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mask graphic

This town is dead–
puppets on silver strings
masks on for a masquerade–
Eternal wait,      eternal stance
Stalemate till the very end.

I linger for a minute–
pretty little perfect holes
neatly pricked into my back–
Where’s my arm?      Up it goes,
Just another piece of meat.

Delusional souls,
dream little dreams,
the big ones always tend to shrink,
Prick, prick       why won’t it inflate
You’ve parked in someone’s parking lot.

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