The Unknown Poetess

How one spends an evening free
speaks a lot about character–
a malleable element–
often bent backwards in youth
where paths collide and chaos borne.

All remedies of odd sorts
lend their hands to the trigger,
human forms emerge,
more beastly than of flesh,
cannibals quenching thirst.

Disguised in mockery
the prey becomes the predator
and the predator becomes the Devil
down a drunken well,
no one hears. No one cares.

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Reversal 185

Below the window
They witness
Amassed wealth
Classmates lacking
Scholastic achievement
Gold forks and fine china
And they who conquered night
Scrawled names in wooden desks
Given a paper in pride’s name
Stand barefooted below the window
Perfection failed to fly
If such a thing exists.

Heavenly Delight 184

Sugary medley
Release of pleasure

Speak softly and you shall hear
Longfellow whispering in the air
Be not dumb, driven cattle!
Youngsters are the new channel.

Through opened windows the scent of Spring
I turn to the students, my legs dangling
Footprints on the sands of time
Not too late to make your life sublime.

They watch me as I watch them,
Silent respect for the poem,
Even the ones hardest to tame,
Listen intensely inflamed.

Life is real! Life is earnest!
Blessed be those the bravest
Stand alone against a wave of scorn
And through hardship is reborn.

Skip the gossip and step outside
There is much to be realized.
Learn to labor and to wait,
School is just one of many gates.

*Based on a teacher

Little Prayer 182

I wake to strange dreams,
a distant voice,
On my bed I weep
for dwindling Faith,
faded fate,
And the fear of letting go.

I am a locked door,
One side of me pounding
“Let her in, open up.”
The other blocking
fear of what might walk in.

I have always felt your presence,
Though try I did to ignore,
In retrospect how can I forget,
Miracles performed.

Most recently I have wondered,
Pieces placed together,
Two souls planned to meet
Set each other free.

Forgive me for my faults,
My anger and despair,
Guide me as you always did,
I shall be confused no more.

How the years have flown
One pencil scrawl to next,
1938 in aged green
Now it’s 2011 black ink.

Many have sat here alone
Without the cushion and wheels,
Books piled mile high
Scholars from the past.

Stranger 180

Stranger–a word to be left alone
Kept distant and vague,

A face on a television screen
More like a target board
All repressed emotions launched
Without fear of recourse.

Sacred distance between the viewed
And viewer–
If broken they merge into one beast
Tears own heart in half
Devours the therapist.

Anonymous haters hail
Mighty ego boost,
Point and laugh at a stranger,
An inside joke no doubt.

Beware if one normal day
The gap begins to close,
Find a viewer viewing you–
A reluctant baffled muse

walk graphic

Am I not bound by a rope
Tied up with a string?
Or pulled down by an anchor
Ripples of Destiny.

How am I to know the fruitless
From bountiful seeds?
Simply dry or drained of water
From arid desert soil?

Arrows have neglected me
I only have two feet,
If swayed by the wrong current
I drown a worthless being.

Freedom isn’t a free path
Costs at every corner,
Penny dropped here and there
The end begins again.

Summer Temptation
Whisking students from their tasks
Till exams arrive

Nothing is ever enough.

Fast or slow the nerves keep digging
Up and down the hills start biting.
Surprised I don’t have white hair growing
With all the thinking I should be aging.

What happened to that faraway future,
Brightly shining as a beacon of hope?
It arrived and then the past looked better,
And in our beds we start to mope.

At first we thought of ourselves as smart,
Heck! Maybe even smarter than everyone else!
Now back at the bottom trying to start,
It seems again we’ve lost our stealth.

Who knew there could be too many roads,
If only previews were provided as well,
Who knew we needed our choices narrowed
Perhaps then we’d have a chance to win the Nobel.

Now dating, that’s a funny conception,
Find me a human and I might give a damn,
Right now I only see animals in action,
Anything else and it might be a scam.

Some say dogs or diamonds are one’s best friends,
I say Ramen and the pizza man,
Or is it the cookies? I guess it depends,
Either way our stomachs have started to span.

Remember when mommy said, “make your bed?”
You wondered why since it’ll get messed up again,
Now you’re away and something smells like its dead,
Must be those crumbs or those mysterious stains.

Though your few crappy jobs are at minimum wage,
Somehow you scrape up enough credit to waste
To meet a celebrity all the way backstage,
Now is the time parents are even more embraced.

They call you a Freshman when you’re really much older
Your insides start boiling, you’re not treated fairly,
Compared to High school, you say you’re much smarter,
Maybe that’s true when you’re not high or tipsy.

And you wonder why insurance is so high,
When they find bottles of booze by your thigh,
It’s not mine! I swear! You cry,
While texting and applying mascara to eyes.

This is the time for personality to shine!
What better than a tattoo to show what’s inside.
Even better, my right hand will do just fine,
Let future interviewers experience my pride.

Then there are days when the mirror looks wrong,
You can’t be that ugly! You just can’t be!
When did those bags come along?
Pimples and acne, why do I look so chubby?

You’re obsessed with the bestseller Facebook,
You follow tweety-bird on Twitter,
Now there’s tumblr to attempt your own book,
And your sweetheart sent you virtual flowers.

All in all the 20s are wicked and twisted,
There’s not enough psychologists to go around,
Anxious, stubborn, we all think we’re jaded
When we find ourselves pushed into the background.