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Not the stained mascara or blackened tears
nor the pending doom of forbidden affairs,
I speak of a wall between here and there
Drawn by a line of devil’s snare,
Of the choices life sprinkles softly
there is one it fails to mention
Neglected, warned too costly.

Darkness holds it’s own court
I’m not speaking about this sort,
It’s that shiver before the numbness
Turns the future into something aimless,
Then spots a face floating in midair–
those secrets we try not to share–
One day we’ll see our soul set free
Not the soul we had believed to see.

We could never handle the truth–
from fear of becoming uncouth–
Life provides a haven for lies,
Just avoid the heart of eyes,
is it any wonder when we stray
Truth seems to find its way
Back from where we last left it.

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What is it that lures decent souls?
Many mark the “dark side”
a place of greatest evil
where the sinful drink to sins–
and toast to a better world.

Do not ask for my stories,
I’ve been to Hell and back–
Torturous it was to my parents
as I withered away in front.
Yet what a sweet-filled paradise
Not feeling a single nerve–
Drowned emotions served on silver
to the shadows a soul well-preserved.

Perhaps it was when life grew plump
Fell and popped and spilled forth bones,
Empty bag, a deflated soul
Where else to turn but the dark prince himself?

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rain graphic

And so it was
when the rain flushed down to earth
a scream from the shadows erupted
woke the newly-wed couple across the street,
the lawyer, teacher, all life stirred from sleep,
Their ears–a witness–what horror spoke
The Devil whispered in their ears:
hush hush, no one there
a dream, dream, sleep my mortal heirs.

Curtains closed and lights flicked off,
a woman laid in shadows bare,
what does one do when all turn blind
an entire world, yet not one kind.
Devil reaped rewards of flesh
a given gift from those who heard
but silence kept
and so they slept with little guilt,
little pecks from death’s sweet lips.

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All the world a stage–
Backstage, front-stage
We all play the game.
Actors or actresses
Take a role and follow through
or fail to please and try again
In another role
A better one–
Lawyer, banker, Dr. Who?
Perfect posture, perfect guise
Dictionary of the fine and poised
Who be judge? You, you, or you
One flaw erased; another replaced.
The longer sustained–
stronger the role,
Applaud, clap, clap
Who claimed who?

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