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river graphic


have you forgotten to breathe?
metal shards shred my lungs,
I fall,
the clouds roll over
dark and cold,
your shadow pops my veins.

Press me to the ground,
it stings, it stings,
little punctures
in my skin,
I’ve forgotten to stand,
forgotten to dream,
pull me, push me

the river’s cold.

I float

I ponder
a lifetime
under your feet.

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road graphic

I always took the highway
never a second thought to Love,
Time never considered confusion a reason,
the world never yields.

Don’t bother me with flying red capes,
I have no interest in vexing bulls,
already they charge as if tomorrow
they will die alone.

I press the seeds to sleep,
water, light, what else to give?
cause I will not give my kiss,
grow it may or cease.

Your way gives me arrhythmia,
Doctor’s orders are clear:
depart or I will perish,
one of us must go.

There is a line in my life,
with many points of interest,
foolish Love, to think you’re one of them
has me howling with glee.

Scoot! sit, good boy, now stay,
I’ll tell you a secret even birds don’t know,
the highway never lasted for long, when
every morning it was kissed by the sun.

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Step back, I’ve heard it all,
irksome ramblings of long ago times,
backs bent under the heat
plowing sustenance for the posh.
Freeze! This is my land,
no one plows the taken promise,
it won’t grow otherwise.

I’ve lent my hand to you,      it never was returned
I work with one against the heavy air,
picking up your scattered dung,
Was ever a smell so revolting–
that called for quick surrender,
Go! I have no patience,
cowardice serves no purpose.

the fish fights the current,
for life, for future, for glory

I wrap myself in pungent desire,
Only to be desired by myself.

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fence graphic

Cut me loose,
I always loathed the fence,
those pointy tips like painted daggers
memories of incisions made by the hour,
Money on a bet for freedom,
Will you run with me?

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I detest frailty,
Delicacy an art, but feebleness a sore,
dependence a canker,
a cage.
Can the name Success be given,
those who sleep past noon.

Courtly gestures of mind-blowing dreams,
only barriers around an exhausted life.

I exhaust myself,
hands burnt on sizzling sand dunes,
engulfed by the need to breathe–
Is it not my right?–
nomadic wishes for the obligated few,
Let me walk alone.

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trend graphic

Duty Calls,
The latest buzz,
Catch it first,
Spread it fast.

Easy minds,
Are easily buttered,
Flash what’s flashy,
Green light: Go!

Needless Science
Who needs clones?
Aren’t we Already。。。
One Mind, One Soul?

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