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sad graphic

I follow where the liquid falls
consumed by aching fire
bled dry I kneel before past eminence
how low the mighty falls–
I heed–
quiet resignation,
I slump on my throne.

And never once did they warn,
channels clogged and jammed together,
the misery of decreased appetite,
wretched servant of enterprise–
alas, the result–
backward steps,
did I expect too much from me?

I kiss where weeds have been pulled,
I flourished where you died,
but now the soil sinks into my flesh,
paint my future black,
oh, the hatred,
has me spitting,
the terror of starving pride

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lhush graphic

Lofty ceilings of well-displayed charm,
windows like a cloudless sky,
I beg your pardon       take a look
the blue-green grass is newly trimmed.
The lady of the house descends,
shiny shoes and cherry lips,
three cars parked up in front,
Do you like our new acquired boat?
Beautifully polished stones,
Will you touch it and please tell us,
How sweet the flower looks?

No, wait, do not ask for our bill,
Pause, please do not mention our debt,
let beauty remain as it is now
Your opinions are diamonds to us,
worth enough for eternal pride,
kiss the stones,     oh woeful us,
What have we left in our pockets,
our poor children against the edge,
All this for you,   passerby,
Sign here and declare
how high pretense flies.

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same words repeated        again and again
endless events sweeping to shore,
five senses and a giant brain
Will the second deer follow the first?

a crevice after every peak,
mournful sighs or primal rage
after all the carefree, careless years–
Is it a wonder why the world feels so small?

never touch the heated stove,
history says burn baby burn,
always a Yes when first we hear,
Have we ever obeyed the first counsel?       or the last?

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bride graphic

Toss it with pepper
Drizzle zest and cajun spice,
your pink salmon lips

Beautiful smoked bride
Web-like lashes, hungry eyes
will you cry tonight?

Your smell rides the air,
Wispy smoke of burnt passion,
my black salmon lips…

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paper graphic

you, empty pen,
useless stencil
piece of junk.

you owe me
a letter, a word
a sentence.

I devour every squirt
of ink leaked
by your golden tip.

we have an oath
and I will make sure
you play your part.

By that the pen quivered and shook
as a mighty splash of black poured forth,
“here: your letter, your word, your sentence,
have I given enough Fire? you crazy goose,
Have I burned your thoughts right out that mind,
If so, I beg…
No, I demand,
a corner to myself

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Step back, I’ve heard it all,
irksome ramblings of long ago times,
backs bent under the heat
plowing sustenance for the posh.
Freeze! This is my land,
no one plows the taken promise,
it won’t grow otherwise.

I’ve lent my hand to you,      it never was returned
I work with one against the heavy air,
picking up your scattered dung,
Was ever a smell so revolting–
that called for quick surrender,
Go! I have no patience,
cowardice serves no purpose.

the fish fights the current,
for life, for future, for glory

I wrap myself in pungent desire,
Only to be desired by myself.

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I saw a red ladybug
plucked it off my skin,
looked down and saw another one
plucked it off again.
But this one wouldn’t go,
clung tightly to my skin,
I saw its little eyes,
stare right into my fear.

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train graphic

A mountain–ice-capped
snowstorm heavy,
We buzzed through on a empty train.
Turbulence,     constant
eery atmosphere,
peace in a holding cell.

We gripped our beds,
the white world shook,
we listened for the sound of life,
No footsteps      nothing,
alone on a journey–
a self-driven train.

Then came marshes, slimy and dank,
green rubbish, putrid
What lurks beneath ignites our fear,
Tall grass      endless horizon
I feel myself falling–
and clench my bed again.

a virus cascading,
walls, floor, a sweep of frozen paint,
Our breath      cut off,
enclosed tighter and tighter,
desperation breaks.

I run for a door above,
they see and follow,
with bare hands pulled away the ice,
Opens       a pair of feet,
I scream, they pull me up,
where was I now?

A second-story to my surprise,
clean red seats,
voices–more people–where were they before?
warm      secured,
I confront the new faces–
All my family there.

I wake confused and dazed,
daylight already,
What an odd little dream–
a journey of weirdest fantasy,
Unsatisfied I close my eyes,
alas, the train was gone.

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Slice the cheese and watch it smooch
salty sprinkles of saltine crackers,
like a blanket, embrace the crunch,
Flawless love of cheese and crackers.

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mask graphic

This town is dead–
puppets on silver strings
masks on for a masquerade–
Eternal wait,      eternal stance
Stalemate till the very end.

I linger for a minute–
pretty little perfect holes
neatly pricked into my back–
Where’s my arm?      Up it goes,
Just another piece of meat.

Delusional souls,
dream little dreams,
the big ones always tend to shrink,
Prick, prick       why won’t it inflate
You’ve parked in someone’s parking lot.

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