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road graphic

I always took the highway
never a second thought to Love,
Time never considered confusion a reason,
the world never yields.

Don’t bother me with flying red capes,
I have no interest in vexing bulls,
already they charge as if tomorrow
they will die alone.

I press the seeds to sleep,
water, light, what else to give?
cause I will not give my kiss,
grow it may or cease.

Your way gives me arrhythmia,
Doctor’s orders are clear:
depart or I will perish,
one of us must go.

There is a line in my life,
with many points of interest,
foolish Love, to think you’re one of them
has me howling with glee.

Scoot! sit, good boy, now stay,
I’ll tell you a secret even birds don’t know,
the highway never lasted for long, when
every morning it was kissed by the sun.

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P graphic

I waited for Patience…
how silly is that?

the wolf howled all night
and the moon never came down,
not a single kiss did the prince steal
the princess stayed asleep.

How long is too long,
I ask the trees
if Fall never came again,
would you miss the curve of leaves–
the soft touch of gradual death–
do you accept the end when only
a full revival assured?

I’ve been walking the same road,
met Patience many times,
sometimes wishing she’d go away
and let me die
a thousand times,
and feel
a thousand times more.

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goodbye graphic

The rarest gift:
the hardest goodbye,
words matter little,
thoughts untold,
precious moments like this,
never complete,
the strongest heartache,
Is it worth enough?

I fade from the spotlight,
Your presence lingers,
I kiss the empty air,
Will you kiss me back?

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Frost my lips,
Slightest tingle,
quivers the spine,
Every bone iced
till a single touch,
a pinch,a kiss,
like needles pierce
Cardiac flesh.

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Kiss my ten fingers,
Count each one a shooting star,
Closer to your heart

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