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The process is the hardest.

From one point to another
A lifetime each,
Filled with laughter and tears–
Nostalgic memories that cling
To every similar scent.

Hands grip tightly to an old reality
Like a caterpillar refusing to turn,
Fear of the future—
But what if one day you find yourself
Gone, poof!
Trapped in world in which you know is false,
Do you fear to disappear?
Do you fear the grasps of time
that threaten to distort your sense of youth,
bury you in paperwork and
listless, empty routines?

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Taught by white flesh—white mind
Small town girl,
Slanted eyes she did not see.
Vision of sameness—same souls
Same father,
Till the time zone changed
And all she knew about herself
flew out the window,
yellow skin, slanted eyes
“You different from us,
We not the same.”

There are two identities:
One you own—
and one you serve.
The first lives in the soul,
always restless and wandering
like a pendulum,
swings from side to side.
The latter is constant,
Sustained through the eyes of others,
You may be a swan now
but always a duckling to them,
helpless, feeble,
Same from birth to death.

To own the one you serve
In a world fueled by many faces
and two-sided hearts,
Weariness sets in fast–
How many times—how many ways
Will you claim the master’s seat?
Yet, to others, you remain,
a servant forevermore.

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