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Stranger–a word to be left alone
Kept distant and vague,

A face on a television screen
More like a target board
All repressed emotions launched
Without fear of recourse.

Sacred distance between the viewed
And viewer–
If broken they merge into one beast
Tears own heart in half
Devours the therapist.

Anonymous haters hail
Mighty ego boost,
Point and laugh at a stranger,
An inside joke no doubt.

Beware if one normal day
The gap begins to close,
Find a viewer viewing you–
A reluctant baffled muse

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rflower graphic

When potent flowers no longer seduce,
the cat has just one life,
Writer and the chopping block
head-to-head; defeat.
Magnified objects in frozen time
drops the jaw too slow,
words come a second too late,
awkward space ensue.

Crowds take talent to remain unseen,
mind and soul detached,
painter and his model–nude–
nothing else but paint,
one duty, one cause for attention,
emotions: distractions,
the trash lady and her uniform,
hand them to her.

Weight of the world is an understatement
add a century a dreams burnt,
Biblical stories of revival and rebirth,
remain grouped letters.
I rest my case deep in sleep
buried painfully,
that poor bird and its broken wing
doubtful hope in death.

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craface graphic

There is a certain hatred,
empties the soul,
the most innocent intentions,
depraved mess.
I knew her brown eyes,
how they laughed,
now swollen and bruised.
Dead fish eyes never looked worse,
arms limp, barely swinging,
Bloody rain down her thighs,
air stuffed with family screams.

The Horror! The Image!
Never left me since then,
and     since then
I have failed my soul.
How do I fill it with love?
What love is    left?
My helplessness guts me,
I despise the sidelines:
all its feebleness
thickens the black liquid,
and feeds the hatred,
of one once     pure.

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