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Am I not bound by a rope
Tied up with a string?
Or pulled down by an anchor
Ripples of Destiny.

How am I to know the fruitless
From bountiful seeds?
Simply dry or drained of water
From arid desert soil?

Arrows have neglected me
I only have two feet,
If swayed by the wrong current
I drown a worthless being.

Freedom isn’t a free path
Costs at every corner,
Penny dropped here and there
The end begins again.

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Here the method is clear:
persistent smiles taught alongside duties,
daily mistakes surpassed by patterns of moods,
artificial life carved with my name,
they don’t know anything else.

And there the air is pregnant,
water waiting to burst from heavy clouds,
tempted to shun the smiles
only duty matters here where integrity
comes in ways the softest hearts die
unnoticed from the world

shall I be both
the conquered and conquerer
with two sets of allies
battling inside my brain
there was never a perfect path.

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Restless fingers
miles of marked soil ahead,
Have we wandered the same direction?
have we crossed paths again?
I see your footsteps–
those sneakers always lasted long,
never knew they’d be so deep,
I follow,
steady beats with rhythmic cause,
I reach–
your fruits were always ripe,
painted cherries,
ruby gold skins,
I never stood a chance       did I?
Parameters drawn
unaltered, stern
pallid walls,
I’ve never seen the inside
where supposed gold
sat upon your head.
What a view that would be:
how empty a miser grows.

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P graphic

I waited for Patience…
how silly is that?

the wolf howled all night
and the moon never came down,
not a single kiss did the prince steal
the princess stayed asleep.

How long is too long,
I ask the trees
if Fall never came again,
would you miss the curve of leaves–
the soft touch of gradual death–
do you accept the end when only
a full revival assured?

I’ve been walking the same road,
met Patience many times,
sometimes wishing she’d go away
and let me die
a thousand times,
and feel
a thousand times more.

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I stepped out of a meeting feeling
like a wingless bird,
I left my wings by the door
and never saw them out.
boundaries turn to edges,
I tilt and pebbles scamper
down uncharted chute,
left speechless frozen soul.
Faced with unwanted recognition,
I peer behind me twice,
as if a shadow of my choices will
muddle my footsteps.
Unforgiving blindness yet
I refuse the light,
to crawl around in murky darkness,
surely a reward in place.
I ponder where my hands are,
barely are they there,
my feet behind already lost,
no heart is needed here.

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freed graphic

Come Forth!
Why so     reserved?
Time shows no
It ticks and tocks

Well don’t stand there
Never seen me before?
I’ve always been
Whispers at night
Dreams of unrest,
Coos of something    missing
from your

They say, “beware!”
“No going back!”
I beg to
differ, if I may.
Only cowards hide
behind barred doors,
Never knowing what is
or better,
A waste of countless

Move Forward! I say,
not blindly of course,
You must see
to learn,
to cherish,
Or only the worse
will come
If you cannot
Do not
understand the scale that
inevitably weighs

Be Brave,
Many have passed:
Went beyond their bubble
Into marked-off
And yet    still
In the end they found
by their own faith,
the true path

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