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Stranger–a word to be left alone
Kept distant and vague,

A face on a television screen
More like a target board
All repressed emotions launched
Without fear of recourse.

Sacred distance between the viewed
And viewer–
If broken they merge into one beast
Tears own heart in half
Devours the therapist.

Anonymous haters hail
Mighty ego boost,
Point and laugh at a stranger,
An inside joke no doubt.

Beware if one normal day
The gap begins to close,
Find a viewer viewing you–
A reluctant baffled muse

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Restless fingers
miles of marked soil ahead,
Have we wandered the same direction?
have we crossed paths again?
I see your footsteps–
those sneakers always lasted long,
never knew they’d be so deep,
I follow,
steady beats with rhythmic cause,
I reach–
your fruits were always ripe,
painted cherries,
ruby gold skins,
I never stood a chance       did I?
Parameters drawn
unaltered, stern
pallid walls,
I’ve never seen the inside
where supposed gold
sat upon your head.
What a view that would be:
how empty a miser grows.

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They call it poison–

I call it Divine assault,
the most vexing push–
hear the exterior shell crack,
membrane peel–
better or worse my ego invaded
I burst or wither
dependent on this bitter fire.

The greater good! they scream
and needles pierces heart,
I know! I scream back
I know! I know! I know!
rupture my ears
I suffer repetition,
I endure uncensored doubt…
melt this selfish witch.

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