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I stepped out of a meeting feeling
like a wingless bird,
I left my wings by the door
and never saw them out.
boundaries turn to edges,
I tilt and pebbles scamper
down uncharted chute,
left speechless frozen soul.
Faced with unwanted recognition,
I peer behind me twice,
as if a shadow of my choices will
muddle my footsteps.
Unforgiving blindness yet
I refuse the light,
to crawl around in murky darkness,
surely a reward in place.
I ponder where my hands are,
barely are they there,
my feet behind already lost,
no heart is needed here.

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I detest frailty,
Delicacy an art, but feebleness a sore,
dependence a canker,
a cage.
Can the name Success be given,
those who sleep past noon.

Courtly gestures of mind-blowing dreams,
only barriers around an exhausted life.

I exhaust myself,
hands burnt on sizzling sand dunes,
engulfed by the need to breathe–
Is it not my right?–
nomadic wishes for the obligated few,
Let me walk alone.

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