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walk graphic

Am I not bound by a rope
Tied up with a string?
Or pulled down by an anchor
Ripples of Destiny.

How am I to know the fruitless
From bountiful seeds?
Simply dry or drained of water
From arid desert soil?

Arrows have neglected me
I only have two feet,
If swayed by the wrong current
I drown a worthless being.

Freedom isn’t a free path
Costs at every corner,
Penny dropped here and there
The end begins again.

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Have you seen my voice?
Somewhere in the desert
carcass for the birds.

Have you seen my voice?
Dropped it in a bubbling pot
turned into white steam.

Have you seen my voice?
chained somewhere far away,
rotten in a morbid cell.

If you find my voice,
pry open its fleshy lips,
stitch it to my face,
never close again…

This one’s here to stay

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We’ve been liberated too much

Freedom never meant divine power
Let god or gods keep that
We’ve always wanted more

By more I mean not ambition
ambition was water to seeds.

Our fathers planted life
we feed upon their fruits

Misshapen roots ignored,
forgotten roots die,
Pretty little fruits thrive
but for how long?

how long?

we drink the blood of the dead
blood always gave life.
but it’ll dry like the rivers
used up and left to waste

because we’re free
to kill the heart of liberty

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river graphic


have you forgotten to breathe?
metal shards shred my lungs,
I fall,
the clouds roll over
dark and cold,
your shadow pops my veins.

Press me to the ground,
it stings, it stings,
little punctures
in my skin,
I’ve forgotten to stand,
forgotten to dream,
pull me, push me

the river’s cold.

I float

I ponder
a lifetime
under your feet.

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I spotted a bird,
soaked in a marble birdbath
like no one’s business

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fence graphic

Cut me loose,
I always loathed the fence,
those pointy tips like painted daggers
memories of incisions made by the hour,
Money on a bet for freedom,
Will you run with me?

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freed graphic

Come Forth!
Why so     reserved?
Time shows no
It ticks and tocks

Well don’t stand there
Never seen me before?
I’ve always been
Whispers at night
Dreams of unrest,
Coos of something    missing
from your

They say, “beware!”
“No going back!”
I beg to
differ, if I may.
Only cowards hide
behind barred doors,
Never knowing what is
or better,
A waste of countless

Move Forward! I say,
not blindly of course,
You must see
to learn,
to cherish,
Or only the worse
will come
If you cannot
Do not
understand the scale that
inevitably weighs

Be Brave,
Many have passed:
Went beyond their bubble
Into marked-off
And yet    still
In the end they found
by their own faith,
the true path

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Choice (“Terzanelle” 3)

Weightless drifters in airless sea,
Freedom lashes with every swing.
Tongues of stars speak to me,

I do not know what freedom means,
My soul lies in wasted heaps.
What faith in fires can we bring?

Freedom lashes with every swing,
You stars! you sleep so sweetly high,
Away from chaos, from danger keeps,

Take me! I say down on my knees,
Rid this question of insanity.
You stars! you sleep so sweetly high.

The wrong choice sinks the entire ship,
Freedom, have mercy, I think no more,
Take me! I say down on my knees.

This or another I must ponder away,
Which is to life and which to the abyss?
If I could speak the language of stars,
Such freedom of choices would not exist.

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