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I waited for Patience…
how silly is that?

the wolf howled all night
and the moon never came down,
not a single kiss did the prince steal
the princess stayed asleep.

How long is too long,
I ask the trees
if Fall never came again,
would you miss the curve of leaves–
the soft touch of gradual death–
do you accept the end when only
a full revival assured?

I’ve been walking the same road,
met Patience many times,
sometimes wishing she’d go away
and let me die
a thousand times,
and feel
a thousand times more.

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Unwritten paper
Lone ranger on office desk,
Blank mind on the hunt.

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When there are thoughts,
held fast inside,
Write them down,
Make them dance,
Make them sing,
Make them gleam.
Make them into
The most beautiful pearl.

Thoughts can carve,
Can paint and change
the simplest pebble,
the hardest rock,
Even the roughest patch
of dried-out skin
can be pierced and opened,
Made into silk.

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Youth & Love (35)

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What love can a
Why such passion?
Is there depth–
Tell me Romeo,
was there depth
in your heart
When love you swore
to fair Juliet.

Did you give them depth?
or was it lust–
Or was it a game
played by words,
Shaped by hearts,
A tide of careless thoughts?

Fair lady fair,
If by “lady” one means
or even something
much smaller than this.
Was it your age?
Was your life–
so confined by father’s name–
that set your heart ablaze
by one boy’s glance?

What love can one
so young of age
fathom   hold,
Shakespeare you are
much too bold,
You knew
they would drown
in Love’s
Tidal pool.

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Saturday HaikuĀ (19)

Whitman-Leaves of Grass
Uncensored babbles of thoughts–
–Dare we share ours?

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