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Here the method is clear:
persistent smiles taught alongside duties,
daily mistakes surpassed by patterns of moods,
artificial life carved with my name,
they don’t know anything else.

And there the air is pregnant,
water waiting to burst from heavy clouds,
tempted to shun the smiles
only duty matters here where integrity
comes in ways the softest hearts die
unnoticed from the world

shall I be both
the conquered and conquerer
with two sets of allies
battling inside my brain
there was never a perfect path.

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swing graphic

Where is here?

Park empty
swings swinging
red bench aching for warmth
have they forgotten the weeds
unattended near hastily placed

Engines pass
kicking up dust
catching an unaware eye,
house curtains closed,
who among the living lives
by choice–
through existence,
through every thumping beat?

Here the trees
grow ignored,
here the swings sit empty
as Life spent cocooned
unexamined, unsatisfied
withdrawal from the world.

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My city,
my heart,
my blood,
Your name
forever mine.
Your breath–
sometimes sweet,
sometimes sharp–
pungent to my soul.
The sound of streets–
lit in the shadow of trees–
hum of late-night walkers,
wooden carts,
Bargains in the making,
Temptation for my soul.

My city,
I see
skyscrapers up high,
Towers of dreams,
wishes good night.
Night is on fire,
Life burns the match,
Smoke upon air
River of wisps–
beautiful scent,
beautiful bosom,
Land of my mother,
Land of my father´╝î
My city,
my heart,
my blood.

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