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Here the method is clear:
persistent smiles taught alongside duties,
daily mistakes surpassed by patterns of moods,
artificial life carved with my name,
they don’t know anything else.

And there the air is pregnant,
water waiting to burst from heavy clouds,
tempted to shun the smiles
only duty matters here where integrity
comes in ways the softest hearts die
unnoticed from the world

shall I be both
the conquered and conquerer
with two sets of allies
battling inside my brain
there was never a perfect path.

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Smokey icing topped with mist
thicker than the thickest fog,
In the sky a giant cyst
Against the world another clog.

The trees are full, stuffed by air,
Fattened by our dying breaths.
The water russet with despair,
Underwater waves of death.

Clap of thunder shakes the leaves,
We sleep unshaken by its screams
Cannot hear the creatures grieve,
Cannot mend the broken seams.

We breathe the icing topped with mist,
Slowly freeze our lungs to ice,
Our ears resist, we let it persist
In the end we’ll pay the price.

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