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A mountain–ice-capped
snowstorm heavy,
We buzzed through on a empty train.
Turbulence,     constant
eery atmosphere,
peace in a holding cell.

We gripped our beds,
the white world shook,
we listened for the sound of life,
No footsteps      nothing,
alone on a journey–
a self-driven train.

Then came marshes, slimy and dank,
green rubbish, putrid
What lurks beneath ignites our fear,
Tall grass      endless horizon
I feel myself falling–
and clench my bed again.

a virus cascading,
walls, floor, a sweep of frozen paint,
Our breath      cut off,
enclosed tighter and tighter,
desperation breaks.

I run for a door above,
they see and follow,
with bare hands pulled away the ice,
Opens       a pair of feet,
I scream, they pull me up,
where was I now?

A second-story to my surprise,
clean red seats,
voices–more people–where were they before?
warm      secured,
I confront the new faces–
All my family there.

I wake confused and dazed,
daylight already,
What an odd little dream–
a journey of weirdest fantasy,
Unsatisfied I close my eyes,
alas, the train was gone.


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Windows against a black canvas,
Like blue stars–
Upon a sea of air.

Twinkles lamps with flourescent bulbs,
Light of night,
Against all odds,
Breaks the torpid sky.

Silver metal upon new-made tracks,
Like birds, glide
Race with wind,
Driven by every unseen goals.

When did the feared become the prey
When night, forsaken,
won counterfeit light…

The Moon is past it’s due

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I wait for pain (17)


I wait for pain–it does not come
Or if did–it must have missed,
I would have heard the train afar
Before the scream   crushed my soul,
I would have seen the needles fall
Before the ground became my bed
Pinned to earth–
a ragged doll.

Their napkins wet   mine is dry
Pain squeezed tear ducts mine are shy.
When pain should or shouldn’t come,
Society decides   but I refuse
Mine are stubborn   Mine are pinned
or maybe sleeping
that explains–

Oh numbness leave my side today!
A little pain   is not too much,
What life in me must be stirred,
and only by great agony–
blood vessels blown
Will pain come visit

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