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tat graphic

There’s an I inside this shell.

the whip that rips stars from night
the knife that peels bark from trees

It can’t touch me,
It can’t see me,

they can’t smell me–
I have no sweat.

protected by a myelin sheath,
nerves heightened
I feel adrenaline


Their weather rains and hails,
I reject–
Gloom never suited me,
bring me sunshine!
have I ever frowned upon you,
your sacrilege
with the piety of


Will you course through me?
lose to a defiant frame?

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love graphic

I always thought love was for the weak,
never realized how fearless a lover could be
faced with predictions set panic to hearts
dreams of bullets set pulsing beats,
I’d jump in front of a train
for you,
has it ever occurred how reckless love is,
oil and fire never posed a threat
when that flutter wakes from inside,
never has the thunder sounded so calm,
and never has any tears ripped so much,
my heart dies
with you.

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