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Skin to skin hot flash
Drown night in ripples of love
Devour sweet kisses

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I saw a red ladybug
plucked it off my skin,
looked down and saw another one
plucked it off again.
But this one wouldn’t go,
clung tightly to my skin,
I saw its little eyes,
stare right into my fear.

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vase graphic

I hurl my ashen coat aside,
did you hear the crash?
shove a vase of lilies off,
melt the candle wax.

Did you ever stop to think
pleasure is a sweet disguise

I brace my composure,
Do you dare to taint me?
Whisk the poison       burn my throat,
Spew forth your tongue!
I buckle       Have I buckled enough?
Pour me a glass,
Relieve my ghastly skin,
Stuff your putrid words down my throat,
Has the rope been found?

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oyster graphic

When there are thoughts,
held fast inside,
Write them down,
Make them dance,
Make them sing,
Make them gleam.
Make them into
The most beautiful pearl.

Thoughts can carve,
Can paint and change
the simplest pebble,
the hardest rock,
Even the roughest patch
of dried-out skin
can be pierced and opened,
Made into silk.

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