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They call it poison–

I call it Divine assault,
the most vexing push–
hear the exterior shell crack,
membrane peel–
better or worse my ego invaded
I burst or wither
dependent on this bitter fire.

The greater good! they scream
and needles pierces heart,
I know! I scream back
I know! I know! I know!
rupture my ears
I suffer repetition,
I endure uncensored doubt…
melt this selfish witch.

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bride graphic

Weary stranger,
among the dead,
behold red roses,
she cannot smell.
Night approaches,
shadows move
upon moonlight
white dress and veil.
What is that noise?
that beautiful song,
mournful and dark,
behind those willow trees.
Leaves like tears
drape down her shoulder,
Haunted being,
will you stay awhile?

You look like someone
I knew in life,
kidnapped by fate,
betrayed by love.
What have you there?
Red roses too?
“Come” she says,
he comes to her.

Clouds sweep over,
the stars hide in vain,
a man’s scream unheard,
dead among the thorns.

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