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goodbye graphic

The rarest gift:
the hardest goodbye,
words matter little,
thoughts untold,
precious moments like this,
never complete,
the strongest heartache,
Is it worth enough?

I fade from the spotlight,
Your presence lingers,
I kiss the empty air,
Will you kiss me back?

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I ask for a hard heart
Less wavering the better,
find a suit of armor,
clothes rip apart.

The world is cruel today–
it was always cruel,
sweetest touch turns brutal,
brought forth to decay.

Reality breaks promises,
Strength is limited,
Will a broken circuit,
Everyone is blameless.

Truth from many angles,
never one that shines,
only ones with closest deadlines,
are considered more crucial.

I ask for a hard heart,
weak hearts die young,
then funeral songs are sung–
they were meant to depart.

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bluheart graphic

The heart is a fragile matter
Two parts forged together
By way of greatest mystery
That is of greatest folly.

There is no book of rules
Taught at young in schools,
No wise men pointing here or there
With signs declaring great despair.

One false turn,     glass will shatter
Seams that held will once again falter
Till both parts grow with jagged edges
Bountiful swears of murderous pledges.

The heart is a delicate matter,
One prick     One Pop     a little deader
and no magical prop can sew
The long jagged crevice of woe.

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Drink up lads–
Vodka on the ice,
Sooth those untidy hearts tonight.
Forget the girls,
Long-legged beasts,
Rusty keys of selfish deeds.
Forget your boss
Whose own temperament
Are the cause of your distress.
Forget all life,
It’s hammer dents
Every emotion forever dead.
So drink up,
There is no better time,
Waste precious moments
On drops of processed gold.

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I wait for pain (17)


I wait for pain–it does not come
Or if did–it must have missed,
I would have heard the train afar
Before the scream   crushed my soul,
I would have seen the needles fall
Before the ground became my bed
Pinned to earth–
a ragged doll.

Their napkins wet   mine is dry
Pain squeezed tear ducts mine are shy.
When pain should or shouldn’t come,
Society decides   but I refuse
Mine are stubborn   Mine are pinned
or maybe sleeping
that explains–

Oh numbness leave my side today!
A little pain   is not too much,
What life in me must be stirred,
and only by great agony–
blood vessels blown
Will pain come visit

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