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the flower that blooms
and the flower that wilts
same culprit judges both.

From here the rays darken my skin
from there I’m red as Hell

we eat ourselves by not eating
his stomach swelled as he starved,
by what science can it be explained
we endanger ourselves

dressed in wool one smart brain,
her IQ far beyond the stars,
who could shoot her down?
only her,
and indeed I saw a falling star

Growth never accompanied without a few steps back

So said one drunk on norms,
through youthful wisdom on alcohol stench,
empty pockets came too late,
swimming in his own urine.

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leaf graphic

You’ve got me wrapped around your finger,
Birth till now, I’m just a doll,
Your word, my word, I yield
my essence.
Push me till I drop.

Life is uncertain as well as unfair,
Single instant, lost disposition,
Who am I to you?
Someone new,
Bitter tempest on the loose.

You’ve choked every breath from my chest,
But then the unthinkable,
I say “No”
Force exhausted
You’ve lost me.

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