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I passed a downtown window early afternoon,
Glimpsed a heart-shaped pendent,
Encrusted crystals like Winter snow,
I saw the pale skin behind the silver,
Dangling like a trail a kisses.
I saw the palm that held the box,
Present to the fairest fair,
I saw her crescent mouth unfold,
Smirk or grin, he could not tell,
Red ribbon fell to the ground
Like leaves in the Fall.

It touched her flesh and she cried,
Air froze–to a tint of blue turned her,
Slivers of crystals dashed down
her throat.
Frosting every inch of fiery cells
Till the pendent fell and echoed
Upon the maple floor,
And she, who was so wicked vain,
Stood solid from heart’s wrongful desire.

And her lover grieved in gasps
For what he spent in haste.


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