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We’ve been liberated too much

Freedom never meant divine power
Let god or gods keep that
We’ve always wanted more

By more I mean not ambition
ambition was water to seeds.

Our fathers planted life
we feed upon their fruits

Misshapen roots ignored,
forgotten roots die,
Pretty little fruits thrive
but for how long?

how long?

we drink the blood of the dead
blood always gave life.
but it’ll dry like the rivers
used up and left to waste

because we’re free
to kill the heart of liberty

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blackh graphic

I resign,
my bags are empty
my paper blank.
I relinquish,
my power gone,
crumbled throne,
Is this–
Am I–
What you want?

Has my failure,
my defeat,
become your bust,
your false hope?
This misadventure
wayward mess,
I accept your dismiss,
suffer disgrace,
Is this–
Am I–
All you believed?

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