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Bullets razed out front
I tore papers     wasted ink
shredded propositions
of the deceased.
I fear the written word,
spoken words often fade,
dirty hands these days
great expectations.

Toast the high-end laws,
my pen turns to soot,
pour it down the drain,
I fear the particles–
dysfunctional drains
sticky fingers never could let go.
many necks waiting,
chop chop   end
a moronic plan.

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paper graphic

you, empty pen,
useless stencil
piece of junk.

you owe me
a letter, a word
a sentence.

I devour every squirt
of ink leaked
by your golden tip.

we have an oath
and I will make sure
you play your part.

By that the pen quivered and shook
as a mighty splash of black poured forth,
“here: your letter, your word, your sentence,
have I given enough Fire? you crazy goose,
Have I burned your thoughts right out that mind,
If so, I beg…
No, I demand,
a corner to myself

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