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How the years have flown
One pencil scrawl to next,
1938 in aged green
Now it’s 2011 black ink.

Many have sat here alone
Without the cushion and wheels,
Books piled mile high
Scholars from the past.

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hand graphic

I’ve dedicated much to you:
and love above all,
but those are just words     aren’t they?
Babbles of a love-struck fool
who cannot speak
without stumbling
smile without laughter.

I tell you
you’re still a princess
full of luscious locks–
but as beautiful       as precious
as a spring bud,
as ripe       as sweet
as when we first spoke,

and I am as in love
with this well-worn face–
if not more–
than all youth combined.

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mask graphic

This town is dead–
puppets on silver strings
masks on for a masquerade–
Eternal wait,      eternal stance
Stalemate till the very end.

I linger for a minute–
pretty little perfect holes
neatly pricked into my back–
Where’s my arm?      Up it goes,
Just another piece of meat.

Delusional souls,
dream little dreams,
the big ones always tend to shrink,
Prick, prick       why won’t it inflate
You’ve parked in someone’s parking lot.

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