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Have you seen my voice?
Somewhere in the desert
carcass for the birds.

Have you seen my voice?
Dropped it in a bubbling pot
turned into white steam.

Have you seen my voice?
chained somewhere far away,
rotten in a morbid cell.

If you find my voice,
pry open its fleshy lips,
stitch it to my face,
never close again…

This one’s here to stay

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Meddlesome words    I am finished with you,
bigotry   humiliation
I crush my tea leaves,
I drink it’s scraps.
They know my name,   refute my honor,
Cast your votes, have I been reduced?
petty stories,
False or True?

Dig a little hole     whisper, kiss it,
parasitic roots,
everyone knows her mouth,
unbearable stench,
maggots      shallow words
a mouth full of flies.

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Blame My Mouth,
it speaks too little,
speaks too much.

Am I a burden?
If so, I retreat,
I can’t afford     you.

My pockets empty,
Bank account broke,
and     for what?

Your endless bidding?
No! I Claim Myself,
Here is My Letter。。。

I Renounce
My Dedication—

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