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A child’s laugh is
beyond common explanation,
like a breath of air
that never comes back out,
the smell of banana bread
fresh from the warm oven on
days when mother knew
what the spirit needed.

Taintless rapture
of needless restraint
belched out notes,
of saintly love.
I feel faint when I hear
sound of birth so softly sung,
no other than a child’s laugh,
here it was and gone again,
I kiss the sweetened air goodbye.

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Mother of two,
saleswoman too,
best egg rolls in town,
said someone else, Not me
no never me,
I know the taste of another,
homemaker right here。
exclusive sales,
family only.

They don’t know,
they never know,
smoker on break
broken watch,
late again… fired again
angry hisses
broken glass,
few dozen calls,
voices carved into walls.

neighbor wakes,
barking dog,
big day tomorrow,
swollen eyes in the morn,
lemon water,
doesn’t do much good–
suited boss
dressed in BOSS,
full of threads,
a dozen webs,
leather suitcase,
must you look so proud?
coffee please?

Fussy Clients,
pockets too deep,
many “no’s”
where’s a hammer?
break the glass,
bruise the palm,
“Why fire my brother”
watch was broken,
“I gave that to him.”
egg rolls for discount,
“Mine is the best”
Deal is off…

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My city,
my heart,
my blood,
Your name
forever mine.
Your breath–
sometimes sweet,
sometimes sharp–
pungent to my soul.
The sound of streets–
lit in the shadow of trees–
hum of late-night walkers,
wooden carts,
Bargains in the making,
Temptation for my soul.

My city,
I see
skyscrapers up high,
Towers of dreams,
wishes good night.
Night is on fire,
Life burns the match,
Smoke upon air
River of wisps–
beautiful scent,
beautiful bosom,
Land of my mother,
Land of my father,
My city,
my heart,
my blood.

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