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Have you seen my voice?
Somewhere in the desert
carcass for the birds.

Have you seen my voice?
Dropped it in a bubbling pot
turned into white steam.

Have you seen my voice?
chained somewhere far away,
rotten in a morbid cell.

If you find my voice,
pry open its fleshy lips,
stitch it to my face,
never close again…

This one’s here to stay

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bride graphic

Toss it with pepper
Drizzle zest and cajun spice,
your pink salmon lips

Beautiful smoked bride
Web-like lashes, hungry eyes
will you cry tonight?

Your smell rides the air,
Wispy smoke of burnt passion,
my black salmon lips…

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Frost my lips,
Slightest tingle,
quivers the spine,
Every bone iced
till a single touch,
a pinch,a kiss,
like needles pierce
Cardiac flesh.

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