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Step back, I’ve heard it all,
irksome ramblings of long ago times,
backs bent under the heat
plowing sustenance for the posh.
Freeze! This is my land,
no one plows the taken promise,
it won’t grow otherwise.

I’ve lent my hand to you,      it never was returned
I work with one against the heavy air,
picking up your scattered dung,
Was ever a smell so revolting–
that called for quick surrender,
Go! I have no patience,
cowardice serves no purpose.

the fish fights the current,
for life, for future, for glory

I wrap myself in pungent desire,
Only to be desired by myself.

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My city,
my heart,
my blood,
Your name
forever mine.
Your breath–
sometimes sweet,
sometimes sharp–
pungent to my soul.
The sound of streets–
lit in the shadow of trees–
hum of late-night walkers,
wooden carts,
Bargains in the making,
Temptation for my soul.

My city,
I see
skyscrapers up high,
Towers of dreams,
wishes good night.
Night is on fire,
Life burns the match,
Smoke upon air
River of wisps–
beautiful scent,
beautiful bosom,
Land of my mother,
Land of my father,
My city,
my heart,
my blood.

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