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deadbeats aren’t we?

those french fries
golden crisp
we ain’t so golden now.

where’s the prism
behind the rain,
once colors glistened
now to gray.

We are indeed
the hollow men–
the hollow women,
the hollow kids.

matter without matter,
silent forms of
wasted flesh.

Spare me your politics,
a nickel never paid a meal,
our body needs feeding,
the mind dies
if you’ve never held the globe,
I beg you–
hollow mistakes
never touched the brim.

Hope is a fool

we nod our heads in vain,
we walking shadows by day.

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fantasy graphic

And the bird sings “chirp”
Waves of petals unfold notes
Sweetest elixir

Have you dreamt many nights,
blue roses and turquiose seas?
Have you slept in purple bubbles,
Drifted on cool autumn air?

Do you remember the river,
where fishermen fished
pale see-through creatures,
small eyes like pearls?

Each one bears a hidden dream,
Which the stronger, at the end,
White wings will sprout and spread,
the dream will then fully bloom.

Do you remember when you dreamed to dream?
Believed and hoped the greatest feats–
untainted by the strongest fears–
Or have you been eaten too by the world?

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oyster graphic

When there are thoughts,
held fast inside,
Write them down,
Make them dance,
Make them sing,
Make them gleam.
Make them into
The most beautiful pearl.

Thoughts can carve,
Can paint and change
the simplest pebble,
the hardest rock,
Even the roughest patch
of dried-out skin
can be pierced and opened,
Made into silk.

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candle graphic

what is burnt.
what is    lit,
what you’ve dreamt,
what you     fear

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blackh graphic

I resign,
my bags are empty
my paper blank.
I relinquish,
my power gone,
crumbled throne,
Is this–
Am I–
What you want?

Has my failure,
my defeat,
become your bust,
your false hope?
This misadventure
wayward mess,
I accept your dismiss,
suffer disgrace,
Is this–
Am I–
All you believed?

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