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I ask for a hard heart
Less wavering the better,
find a suit of armor,
clothes rip apart.

The world is cruel today–
it was always cruel,
sweetest touch turns brutal,
brought forth to decay.

Reality breaks promises,
Strength is limited,
Will a broken circuit,
Everyone is blameless.

Truth from many angles,
never one that shines,
only ones with closest deadlines,
are considered more crucial.

I ask for a hard heart,
weak hearts die young,
then funeral songs are sung–
they were meant to depart.

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Frost my lips,
Slightest tingle,
quivers the spine,
Every bone iced
till a single touch,
a pinch,a kiss,
like needles pierce
Cardiac flesh.

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Kiss my ten fingers,
Count each one a shooting star,
Closer to your heart

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My city,
my heart,
my blood,
Your name
forever mine.
Your breath–
sometimes sweet,
sometimes sharp–
pungent to my soul.
The sound of streets–
lit in the shadow of trees–
hum of late-night walkers,
wooden carts,
Bargains in the making,
Temptation for my soul.

My city,
I see
skyscrapers up high,
Towers of dreams,
wishes good night.
Night is on fire,
Life burns the match,
Smoke upon air
River of wisps–
beautiful scent,
beautiful bosom,
Land of my mother,
Land of my father,
My city,
my heart,
my blood.

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Today’s rain
is gray,
tomorrow’s may be black,
Will I ever fade,
to a guiltless white?

Will I rain
past crusades,
forsake tomorrow’s promised quests?
Will time’s frigid hand
Ever set me free?

Small bubble
around a meager life,
Is the heart such a flimsy thing?
Must it always rain
Inside my pitless soul?

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Play the Game (33)

chess graphic

Two can play the game,
But can two
Share a space?
The sky is large
yet small,
Crowded by dozens
of stars.
Does the moon ever
Envy the fame
that lights all
five-pointed tips?
Does she ever grow weary,
Tired, annoyed,
of sharing her
Eternal stage?
Do we ever wish
our breaths
could be the only
that breathes–
that harnesses–

Two hearts across
a battlefield
can play a game
till Checkmate,
But when one
Won over,
Will the other
Or let hang the lonely
Watch it
slowly fade?
And if both are won,
Their spaces shared,
How long before
the other’s breath
becomes an endless

Play the game,
You have your piece,
But be warned,
The end will come,
Share or part,
There always leaves
A little hole
Inside your

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bluheart graphic

The heart is a fragile matter
Two parts forged together
By way of greatest mystery
That is of greatest folly.

There is no book of rules
Taught at young in schools,
No wise men pointing here or there
With signs declaring great despair.

One false turn,     glass will shatter
Seams that held will once again falter
Till both parts grow with jagged edges
Bountiful swears of murderous pledges.

The heart is a delicate matter,
One prick     One Pop     a little deader
and no magical prop can sew
The long jagged crevice of woe.

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