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vase graphic

I hurl my ashen coat aside,
did you hear the crash?
shove a vase of lilies off,
melt the candle wax.

Did you ever stop to think
pleasure is a sweet disguise

I brace my composure,
Do you dare to taint me?
Whisk the poison       burn my throat,
Spew forth your tongue!
I buckle       Have I buckled enough?
Pour me a glass,
Relieve my ghastly skin,
Stuff your putrid words down my throat,
Has the rope been found?

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struggle graphic

We were bound by one common theme: Struggle
by nature, both rough unpolished stones,
Time and reality are allies,
they build upon broken steps    and they break again,
Have I broken too–
on my way down nonexistence.

Strange, if not fated, I’ve been torn,
Separated, I face the offspring of madness,
Her face, body,     soul,
I know her well:
little fox hidden under bushes,
the world scorns her,
cleverness a threat to them.

I scorn them back

Together, one after another,
I’ve learned to hate,
she learned to love,
If it be a friendship    or illegal affair,
then there is no glue,
no cure,
for this     separate

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craface graphic

There is a certain hatred,
empties the soul,
the most innocent intentions,
depraved mess.
I knew her brown eyes,
how they laughed,
now swollen and bruised.
Dead fish eyes never looked worse,
arms limp, barely swinging,
Bloody rain down her thighs,
air stuffed with family screams.

The Horror! The Image!
Never left me since then,
and     since then
I have failed my soul.
How do I fill it with love?
What love is    left?
My helplessness guts me,
I despise the sidelines:
all its feebleness
thickens the black liquid,
and feeds the hatred,
of one once     pure.

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