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Man in the black sedan,
the furious crowd bellowing
only a single tainted window against a tempest
They and us
us vs them
the real culprits in the shadows laugh.

Puppets always took the heat,
the blame, the hate,
I remember one, the kindest man
withdrawn too much by fellow “friends”
tossed to wolves,
ate by lions,
never a single soul looked behind.

It must be him! they scream
or darn picketers!
pick a side, you’ll never find the right
or the wrong–
they know people–
No one digs with obvious truth

and so they stay behind the curtains
licking butter off their fingers chuckling,
what an easy game,
what such fools we are.

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lshore graphic

Fire-spitting lawyers,
snuff that flame–
the raucous
of all the wrong reasons,
be still, be silent,
court will blow,
and all of humanity
falls and crashes.

Drowned values by the shore,
the sand sweeps you up,
gritty surface,
you never were smooth–
every little bump
a pardon–
worst actions never meant much,
one thread of humanity,
one pure glance      and by that
we resent the circumstance
that placed you in such waters,
as to have you
in our

We suffer the inevitable:
confrontation with the soul–
were we ever ready?       good enough?
the mirror either hated,
or liked too much–
Look at us,
severed by the ins and outs
society never gave second chances,
we live as references,
someone, something bound to us
and never were we asked to sign.

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craface graphic

There is a certain hatred,
empties the soul,
the most innocent intentions,
depraved mess.
I knew her brown eyes,
how they laughed,
now swollen and bruised.
Dead fish eyes never looked worse,
arms limp, barely swinging,
Bloody rain down her thighs,
air stuffed with family screams.

The Horror! The Image!
Never left me since then,
and     since then
I have failed my soul.
How do I fill it with love?
What love is    left?
My helplessness guts me,
I despise the sidelines:
all its feebleness
thickens the black liquid,
and feeds the hatred,
of one once     pure.

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