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Man in the black sedan,
the furious crowd bellowing
only a single tainted window against a tempest
They and us
us vs them
the real culprits in the shadows laugh.

Puppets always took the heat,
the blame, the hate,
I remember one, the kindest man
withdrawn too much by fellow “friends”
tossed to wolves,
ate by lions,
never a single soul looked behind.

It must be him! they scream
or darn picketers!
pick a side, you’ll never find the right
or the wrong–
they know people–
No one digs with obvious truth

and so they stay behind the curtains
licking butter off their fingers chuckling,
what an easy game,
what such fools we are.

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Youth & Love (35)

leaf graphic

What love can a
Why such passion?
Is there depth–
Tell me Romeo,
was there depth
in your heart
When love you swore
to fair Juliet.

Did you give them depth?
or was it lust–
Or was it a game
played by words,
Shaped by hearts,
A tide of careless thoughts?

Fair lady fair,
If by “lady” one means
or even something
much smaller than this.
Was it your age?
Was your life–
so confined by father’s name–
that set your heart ablaze
by one boy’s glance?

What love can one
so young of age
fathom   hold,
Shakespeare you are
much too bold,
You knew
they would drown
in Love’s
Tidal pool.

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Play the Game (33)

chess graphic

Two can play the game,
But can two
Share a space?
The sky is large
yet small,
Crowded by dozens
of stars.
Does the moon ever
Envy the fame
that lights all
five-pointed tips?
Does she ever grow weary,
Tired, annoyed,
of sharing her
Eternal stage?
Do we ever wish
our breaths
could be the only
that breathes–
that harnesses–

Two hearts across
a battlefield
can play a game
till Checkmate,
But when one
Won over,
Will the other
Or let hang the lonely
Watch it
slowly fade?
And if both are won,
Their spaces shared,
How long before
the other’s breath
becomes an endless

Play the game,
You have your piece,
But be warned,
The end will come,
Share or part,
There always leaves
A little hole
Inside your

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