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It’s like war between the cars and students,
One zooms by
The other runs past

Just a split second of hesitation
A student dodges
Behind comes an army
The driver loses a lifetime

They know so they watch
Split second of hesitation
from a student
And like 1-2-3 GO
An army of growling engines
Make their escape

And the students look on
for the weak one;

cycle begins again

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swing graphic

Where is here?

Park empty
swings swinging
red bench aching for warmth
have they forgotten the weeds
unattended near hastily placed

Engines pass
kicking up dust
catching an unaware eye,
house curtains closed,
who among the living lives
by choice–
through existence,
through every thumping beat?

Here the trees
grow ignored,
here the swings sit empty
as Life spent cocooned
unexamined, unsatisfied
withdrawal from the world.

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