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And the bird sings “chirp”
Waves of petals unfold notes
Sweetest elixir

Have you dreamt many nights,
blue roses and turquiose seas?
Have you slept in purple bubbles,
Drifted on cool autumn air?

Do you remember the river,
where fishermen fished
pale see-through creatures,
small eyes like pearls?

Each one bears a hidden dream,
Which the stronger, at the end,
White wings will sprout and spread,
the dream will then fully bloom.

Do you remember when you dreamed to dream?
Believed and hoped the greatest feats–
untainted by the strongest fears–
Or have you been eaten too by the world?

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I cannot please the dogwood trees,
They bloom and wait for me to sprout
Into the ground my feet spread out
But stones blocked and stubbed my toes.

Waves of purple flowers flourished
My arms alone were bare in Spring,
Spider webs ate the butterfly wings,
The sun neglected all my leaves.

Summer passed me by in gulps
Swallowed life when it took leave,
With it all others began to grieve,
They saw themselves becoming me.

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