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My city,
my heart,
my blood,
Your name
forever mine.
Your breath–
sometimes sweet,
sometimes sharp–
pungent to my soul.
The sound of streets–
lit in the shadow of trees–
hum of late-night walkers,
wooden carts,
Bargains in the making,
Temptation for my soul.

My city,
I see
skyscrapers up high,
Towers of dreams,
wishes good night.
Night is on fire,
Life burns the match,
Smoke upon air
River of wisps–
beautiful scent,
beautiful bosom,
Land of my mother,
Land of my father,
My city,
my heart,
my blood.

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The Alligator shows no fear,
Trembles the murky swamps.
The Ant chuckles at fear,
Around the rock step by step.
The Cougar races fear,
Swift courage through dark storms.
The Eagle has no fear,
Guardian of all that’s good,
The Owl teases fear,
Truth on wings of gold.
A Father masters fear,
Love masters him instead.

*Happy Father’s Day*

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