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paper graphic

you, empty pen,
useless stencil
piece of junk.

you owe me
a letter, a word
a sentence.

I devour every squirt
of ink leaked
by your golden tip.

we have an oath
and I will make sure
you play your part.

By that the pen quivered and shook
as a mighty splash of black poured forth,
“here: your letter, your word, your sentence,
have I given enough Fire? you crazy goose,
Have I burned your thoughts right out that mind,
If so, I beg…
No, I demand,
a corner to myself


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oyster graphic

When there are thoughts,
held fast inside,
Write them down,
Make them dance,
Make them sing,
Make them gleam.
Make them into
The most beautiful pearl.

Thoughts can carve,
Can paint and change
the simplest pebble,
the hardest rock,
Even the roughest patch
of dried-out skin
can be pierced and opened,
Made into silk.

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You give me too much credit–
“Hoard of dazzling scraps”
You flatter me too much,
Words are words     let be
Dash here–     Space there
Their meanings clear
yet you dress them    up
I am not

My visions are woven words,
the heart must feel   if it should know
What message for the soul–

I am a poet      not a scholar
What you see in my works
Though flattered by a brain
I never knew I had

Asks too much
Receives too little
Read! for pleasure or for pain,
Dash here–    Space there

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