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I hurl my ashen coat aside,
did you hear the crash?
shove a vase of lilies off,
melt the candle wax.

Did you ever stop to think
pleasure is a sweet disguise

I brace my composure,
Do you dare to taint me?
Whisk the poison       burn my throat,
Spew forth your tongue!
I buckle       Have I buckled enough?
Pour me a glass,
Relieve my ghastly skin,
Stuff your putrid words down my throat,
Has the rope been found?

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Drink up lads–
Vodka on the ice,
Sooth those untidy hearts tonight.
Forget the girls,
Long-legged beasts,
Rusty keys of selfish deeds.
Forget your boss
Whose own temperament
Are the cause of your distress.
Forget all life,
It’s hammer dents
Every emotion forever dead.
So drink up,
There is no better time,
Waste precious moments
On drops of processed gold.

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