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Remember facing a laptop eagerly waiting
decisions from authority,
brains are worth a lot these days,
price tags on the best.

Hands sifting through a sea of sand,
searching for the smoothest,
has sand ever been considered smooth
diamonds came as rugged souls.

I feel the hollow cheeks to my chin
wanting what others want
like constant battle against those people
you never saw but always heard.

Never knew I had to be told–
confirmed, approved, chosen–
Specialness a thing of words
not by my mouth but theirs.

Time ticks patience lower
anxiety attacks high,
open the inbox and pray to God
I am one of them.

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river graphic


have you forgotten to breathe?
metal shards shred my lungs,
I fall,
the clouds roll over
dark and cold,
your shadow pops my veins.

Press me to the ground,
it stings, it stings,
little punctures
in my skin,
I’ve forgotten to stand,
forgotten to dream,
pull me, push me

the river’s cold.

I float

I ponder
a lifetime
under your feet.

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Today’s rain
is gray,
tomorrow’s may be black,
Will I ever fade,
to a guiltless white?

Will I rain
past crusades,
forsake tomorrow’s promised quests?
Will time’s frigid hand
Ever set me free?

Small bubble
around a meager life,
Is the heart such a flimsy thing?
Must it always rain
Inside my pitless soul?

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Give me a Rose (13)

rose graphic

Dear Rose, your petals red
Haunt me ghostly dread,
I plucked you once and bled,
To me your mother said,
“Pass the thorns or flee
Every love demands a fee”

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I took two lovers by their hands,
Up stone paths to Chance’s crib,
Here two souls test their flame,
Wait in patience for Love’s command.

Three maids wait with satin sheets,
Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos: their names,
Bathes the youth in sweet-scented rain,
Dresses them gently for midnight games.

When the golden finger points to twelve,
Three bottles given by the maids,
Each liquid blessed or cursed by Chance,
The lovers hold their hands and pray.

We have our past and present joys
May Chance grant our future stay,
Choose the red, black, or brown,
Zeus’s love or Hade’s prey.

Red, they whisper, now tell our fate,
Clotho comes forth with great delight,
“I am the Future, behold your dreams,
Drink now and may your hearts burn bright.”

With a quick kiss they drink in haste,
Crimson poison scorches naked skin,
They cough and sputter to Hade’s notes,
Alas, Chance had switched the liquid within.

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Choice (“Terzanelle” 3)

Weightless drifters in airless sea,
Freedom lashes with every swing.
Tongues of stars speak to me,

I do not know what freedom means,
My soul lies in wasted heaps.
What faith in fires can we bring?

Freedom lashes with every swing,
You stars! you sleep so sweetly high,
Away from chaos, from danger keeps,

Take me! I say down on my knees,
Rid this question of insanity.
You stars! you sleep so sweetly high.

The wrong choice sinks the entire ship,
Freedom, have mercy, I think no more,
Take me! I say down on my knees.

This or another I must ponder away,
Which is to life and which to the abyss?
If I could speak the language of stars,
Such freedom of choices would not exist.

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