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It’s like war between the cars and students,
One zooms by
The other runs past

Just a split second of hesitation
A student dodges
Behind comes an army
The driver loses a lifetime

They know so they watch
Split second of hesitation
from a student
And like 1-2-3 GO
An army of growling engines
Make their escape

And the students look on
for the weak one;

cycle begins again

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Lofty ceilings of well-displayed charm,
windows like a cloudless sky,
I beg your pardon       take a look
the blue-green grass is newly trimmed.
The lady of the house descends,
shiny shoes and cherry lips,
three cars parked up in front,
Do you like our new acquired boat?
Beautifully polished stones,
Will you touch it and please tell us,
How sweet the flower looks?

No, wait, do not ask for our bill,
Pause, please do not mention our debt,
let beauty remain as it is now
Your opinions are diamonds to us,
worth enough for eternal pride,
kiss the stones,     oh woeful us,
What have we left in our pockets,
our poor children against the edge,
All this for you,   passerby,
Sign here and declare
how high pretense flies.

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