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struggle graphic

We were bound by one common theme: Struggle
by nature, both rough unpolished stones,
Time and reality are allies,
they build upon broken steps    and they break again,
Have I broken too–
on my way down nonexistence.

Strange, if not fated, I’ve been torn,
Separated, I face the offspring of madness,
Her face, body,     soul,
I know her well:
little fox hidden under bushes,
the world scorns her,
cleverness a threat to them.

I scorn them back

Together, one after another,
I’ve learned to hate,
she learned to love,
If it be a friendship    or illegal affair,
then there is no glue,
no cure,
for this     separate

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I suffer the past,
Weary roads with broken stones,
Endings with no end.

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bluheart graphic

The heart is a fragile matter
Two parts forged together
By way of greatest mystery
That is of greatest folly.

There is no book of rules
Taught at young in schools,
No wise men pointing here or there
With signs declaring great despair.

One false turn,     glass will shatter
Seams that held will once again falter
Till both parts grow with jagged edges
Bountiful swears of murderous pledges.

The heart is a delicate matter,
One prick     One Pop     a little deader
and no magical prop can sew
The long jagged crevice of woe.

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